Pan Am Lounge Berlin | The Floorplan
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The Floorplan

The Floorplan

Taking a tour through the spaces of the lounge is like travelling through time and past renowned classics from the world of design. The spirit of the bygone times is palpable at every turn and inspires the phantasy to strive toward new heights. The 60s were a time in which everything seemed possible. People believed in progress and technology – the very notions that Pan American World Airways always embodied!

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Today, the interiors of the Pan Am Lounge offer a wealth of space for sundry types of events. The Lounge area with its Bar, Dancefloor, Fireside Room, Tapestry Room, Cloakroom and Powder Rooms encompasses 220 sq meters. An additional 171 sq meters is comprised of the Rooftop-Terrace and a further 120 sq meters by the Suite, for overnight accommodations. Respective to the givens of each event, the Lounge can accommodate up to 220 guests, whereas the Suite is suitable for gatherings of up to 40 selected invitees.

The Pan Am Lounge is available for booking on any day of the week. So too can single areas of the Lounge be hired to suit specific needs. Whether wedding, birthday, seminar, conference, gala, reception or photo and video shoot, all your needs – from small events up to grand celebrations – will be catered to from a single source. Naturally, our services encompass catering and a wide range of other imaginable extras. Simply give us a call, and our longstanding and thoroughly experienced team will be happy to advise you, invariably on an unconventionally personable basis.