Pan Am Lounge Berlin | PAN AM SUITE
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A glamorously soft landing
The Pan Am Suite Berlin

The party is over and you are ready to switch back into a more private mode before continuing the celebration or settling down for the night in a somewhat quieter atmosphere. No problem! Below the Pan Am Lounge, the Pan Am Suite is waiting and ready. Linked to the Lounge by a private stairway, the Suite too is perfectly preserved in the elegant, homey style of the 1960s. Here, you can enjoy a soft landing without ending your own personal time-travel trip.    

For the pilots and stewardesses of Pan American Airways, the Suite was a home away from home on the heels of intercontinental flights: “After a gruelling 10 hours in the Liberty Bell Clipper, my uniform jacket’s finally back on its hanger. I put up my feet and, though 4,000 miles away, I know I’ve finally made it back home.”

These days, our cabin crew will have already prepared everything for you in advance, in strict accordance with your personal wishes. Following a fantastic flight, check in here to relax. Without wanting to betray any secrets, suffice it to say that this altogether special and entirely discreet combination of Lounge & Suite has proven a favourite amongst a range of notable personalities.

The apartment’s 120 sq meters are spread across four levels and five rooms, in which there is space for up to 40 guests. The Suite can also be booked for meetings, conferences, photo and video shoots and a range of other events.

  • The Living Room

    Whoever has the good fortune to occupy the Living Room of the Pan Am Suite might find they somehow can’t shake the feeling they have landed smack in the middle of a James Bond classic.

  • The Master Bedroom

    The extravagant mid-century design will take you on a wild trip through time, transporting you back to the 1960s.

  • The Kitchen

    Good morning Berlin – how very special you can be!

  • The Dining Room

    Directly adjoining the Kitchen, you will find the Dining Room, with its long dinner table and minimalistic Palisander design chairs

  • The Bedrooms

    It is a simply marvellous place to spend the night.

  • The Bathroom

    For private moments or a quick freshening up.