Pan Am Lounge Berlin | Pan Am Suite Bedrooms
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Pan Am Suite Bedrooms

Let your family and friends join you on your journey
The Doris Day Room and the Huckleberry Finn Room

Not only couples are sure to feel pampered when residing in the luxurious cosiness of the capital city’s Pan Am Suite. Invite your friends or family to accompany you on a very special trip to Berlin.

In the Doris Day Room, everything recalls the charm and class of the diva’s 1960s films. The tastefully furnished bedroom enraptures its guests with cushy comfort and a dreamy view of Berlin. It is a simply marvellous place to spend the night.

The Huckleberry Finn room, on the other hand, is just the right bedroom for children. Alongside plenty of amusing board games, a miniature Pan Am Clipper Jet, a glowing globe and a starry night ceiling are all sure to provide for the sweetest of dreams.