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Your Event

Come fly with us
Your Event at the Pan Am Lounge Berlin

Make your event into an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience – celebrate amongst the historical ambience and original interiors of the Pan Am Lounge Berlin! Whether champagne party, wedding celebration or business conference; elegant buffet or American-style BBQ – we plan and realize each and every event with the same degree of absolute dedication, responding to your individual conceptions and meeting your needs and requests with unconventional flexibility. Our entire team will be standing behind you to offer the kind of support that comes only with many years of experience. 

Plan your personal & unique event now.

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“The most precious memories are always gathered in pairs.” —Luise Rinser

Crown your wedding day with an exceptionally memorable celebration at an exceptionally memorable place!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Every birthday is cause for celebration! Indeed, nothing is finer than spending this special day with family and good friends.

Of course, an extravagant and elegant ambience ought not be lacking so that the perfect day can be complete.

Day to day life can, at times, be dull and grey. Who wouldn’t love to slip into a completely new role for a whole evening? With dress codes ranging from weird to worst taste, from silly to extravagantly elegant, the mundane dreariness of the everyday can be dispelled altogether! What or who would you like to be for a time?

Have yourself a merry little Christmas – everything is all decorated and oh so Christmassy! Whether with colleagues, friends or family, spending the yuletide time together is always something truly special.

“Above the rooftops of Berlin,” a spectacular view is waiting to afford you with boundless pleasure as you gaze toward the horizon and as far as the eye can see. Our rooftop terrace offers a myriad of possibilities. Whether cocktail party or American style BBQ, anything is possible. Let your fantasy fly, and reach for the stars!

Though the British are known to cherish their afternoon tea with scones and shortbread, they are by no means the only people who celebrate tea culture. Invite your guests to join you for tea and enjoy an exquisite afternoon of elevated conversation, chatting, gossip, literature or just catching up – with the skyline of Berlin all the while keeping spirits high.    

Festivals, pageants, charity events and award ceremonies – there is an endless array of occasions for celebration. Get all decked out, and let us get together to bask in the lap of luxury.   

A reception is, by definition, the act of receiving or greeting guests.

Greet your guests at an exclusive New Year’s champagne reception, for example! 

Whether Berlinale, Fashion Week or gallery opening, the party’s just beginning once the show has run its course! For concerts, film premiers and catwalk shows alike, a glamorous ambience always provides the best setting for your post-show celebration.


Whether summer fête, Christmas party, employee workshop or company anniversary, there are plenty of good reasons why companies organize functions at which to celebrate or learn together.

Naturally, the place at which the function is held plays an essential role for company members and the success of an event. It should engender just the right atmosphere and strike the perfect balance between private life and business.

There are always pressing matters to be discussed in a meeting. Whether 2 or 200 people are to be present, the important thing is that everything is right – the place, the vibe, the catering, the music and, not lastly, the view!

Whether there is information to be exchanged, decisions to be made, problems to be solved or deals to be finalized, the success of any conference always depends upon the adequacy and representativeness of its surroundings. 

Seminars are educational events that are generally unspectacular and rather boring? Not necessarily! An open, interesting and inspiring atmosphere begins with selecting the right setting for your event.

Arrange for a relaxing yet stimulating atmosphere before your session has even begun and feel confident in knowing that your lecture or reading is going to be held at an absolutely exceptional location.

James Bond and Doris Day send their best regards! The pristinely kept, original mid-century design at the Lounge and Suite seduces the visitor into coming along on a very special journey through time – as though one had landed directly on the set of a 1960s film.


Whatever sort of event you may be planning, you will find precisely what you are looking for at the Pan Am Lounge – whether comprised of our Basic package or, at the top end, our Worry Free All The Way package! Simply contact us to discuss your ideas, expectations and wishes, and we will find the perfect solution for meeting all your needs.

In addition to our provision of the spaces and personnel, we are more than happy to arrange for catering, music or a whole host of further extras that can be booked for your event with us directly.


Alongside our fully stocked bars, we offer a broad range of culinary options – from a selection of snacks all the way up to an exquisite buffet or even individually themed repast, in congruence with the type of event and number of guests. So too might a BBQ below an open sky best suit your needs – our rooftop terrace boasts of both a generous grill and an elegant ice-bar.

Additionally, we are happy to offer a variety of exclusive service components that you are certain to find only at the Pan Am Lounge. Aside from our very own cocktail creations, we also offer, for example, an Irish Coffee Hour Steward, Vendor’s Tray Candy and even a Bloody Mary Girl. What’s behind it all? Just ask, and we’ll be more than happy to consult with you!

Music and Entertainment

Whether DJ, live act, lounge music or any other genre, we are happy to see to all the arrangements for providing the appropriate musical accompaniment and compiling an individually tailored entertainment program to suit your event.

Naturally, we are well-equipped with all the necessary technical appurtenances. This is true for a wide range of other events as well. Whether lecture, reading or film screening – from microphones to overhead projectors, simply share your requests with us, and we will see to it that all your needs are met.   


A perfect function thrives, of course, on numerous little assiduities and extras, the sum of which makes for an altogether exceptional event. Simply book your favourite extras together with your event from a wide range of options, including a blue carpet and lift girls, a photography-backdrop and photographer, individually tailored decorations, a blazing fireplace and many more.

Incidentally, our “stewardesses” can also be booked as service personnel for events outside the Lounge. Should this be of interest, you may well wish to book our portable Satellite Bar as well.

Simply give us a call. With longstanding experience, our handpicked team of professionals will be happy to consult with you – always in a comprehensive, individually based and unconventionally friendly manner.