Pan Am Lounge Berlin | Foyer
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Boarding the Pan Am Lounge Berlin

Welcome to your flight!

Our jovial stewardesses will welcome you and your guests down in the lobby of Eden House. After receiving your welcoming drink, you will be safely escorted in the lift, straight up into the tenth-floor penthouse.   

The cubic wall-light design of the Foyer will skyjack your senses right into the 1960s. From there, a view of the Lounge unfolds at once to reveal the pleasant openness of its interior and invites the guest to peruse the space. Allow yourself to be accompanied by one of our attentive stewardesses. She will be more than happy to escort you around the premises, guide you to your place or respond to any requests you may have.

Incidentally, the Foyer happens to harbour an interesting little secret. The lockers to be found there have remained unopened since the liquidation of the airline. 

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To this day, nobody knows just what they might contain, and a tantalizing little mystery remains as yet unsolved::
„Who got the keys?“